$ODPG Public Donation

Weโ€™re excited to announce the $TIPG Public Donation plan, aimed at putting 60 million $TIPG tokens into circulation, exchangeable for a total of 20 BTC (or 2 billion satoshis). This sets the unit price at 1 $TIPG = 33.33 sats. As it stands, the total market value of $TIPG is projected at $900,000, assuming a BTC value of $27,000.

The $TIPG Public Donation will consist of a single round, estimated to last 6 hours. The exact commencement time will be announced via our official channels. Participation will be open to both Whitelist (WL) users and regular users.

Participation in the $TIPG Public Donation can be done through our official site: https://tiplay.games/

During the Public Donation, users will have four donation options to choose from, each corresponding to a specific donation amount and $ODPG token quantity:

  • 400,000 SAT (approx. 0.004 BTC or $108) โ€” 12,000 $TIPG

  • 2,000,000 SAT (approx. 0.02 BTC or $540) โ€” 60,000 $TIPG

  • 4,000,000 SAT (approx. 0.04 BTC or $1080) โ€” 120,000 $TIPG

  • 8,000,000 SAT (approx. 0.08 BTC or $2160) โ€” 240,000 $TIPG

Whitelist users stand to gain an additional 20% in bonus $TIPG tokens (to be allocated from the Treasury). We have set aside 100 Whitelist spots, reserved for our early supporters, influential global KOLs, and ecosystem partners.

Details on how to get Whitelisted (WL) will follow soon.

The $TIPG Release Schedule is straightforward โ€” 100% of tokens will be distributed before listing (TGE: 100%).

For guidance on participating in the $TIPG Public Donation, refer to our user guide (coming soon) for a detailed step-by-step walk-through.

Please stay tuned to our official channels for timely updates and precise information.

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